rngrdead (rngrdead) wrote,

The Stray # 21

Title: The Stray
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC/17
Warnings: Will appear on chapters if needed – some M/M relations
Summary: Spike survived the Black Thorn but only because one of the Senior Partners had heard Illyria refer to him as suitable for her pet and decided to amuse themselves with devastating results

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Part 21

Xander was at rather a loss. He had hoped for the moment but when it came… He sat up and lifted the covers tentatively, unable to perceive what he saw beneath.

“In the flesh pet, or would ya’ prefer the doggy version?”

“But how…?”

“Don’t know an’ don’t care, just know that you were the one what’s did it. Brought me back from the brink you did… You ‘n…” Spike saw the distress in his dear friend’s face and melted immediately. “Ah Xan… Don’t…” He reached up a still rather weak hand to wipe away a tear that had escaped Xander’s good eye, “Seems that we’ve been given the night is all… You kept callin’, brought family… felt them too. Saw them truth be known… so now… Here…”

Spike sat up with difficulty, it was such an odd feeling after over eighteen months as canine. Muscles barely remembered the action and weakness from his near death also took their toll as he fell against Xander’s torso, forcing him to drape an arm around his rescuer, his dear ‘master’ and friend. As a dog he had leaned against that strong chest more times than he could count, now he kissed the chest with very real human lips and relaxed with a quiet, “Thank you. Love you…”

The two sat for a long few minutes, Xander wondering at the man in his arms. This was Spike, *his* Spike, the man… the dog… the soul he had come to love so much.

Eventually the mood was broken by a rumble of Xander’s stomach. He had eaten little as he nursed the seriously ailing husky.

Xander came to his senses, belatedly realizing that he was stroking Spike’s unruly blonde locks much as he had Spike’s fur. “I… hey Spike? I’m sorry… but this is all… Are you back for good? You know… like this? I need to ring Willow.”

Spike shifted a little, “Leave the witch ‘til mornin’ will ya? Got sommit more important to give… finish the pledge like.”

Spike fell into game face and bit his wrist then Xander’s – the latter with a jump of surprise from the human. “Already fed me remember – ‘s what worked the magic… so now let me finish the job yeah?”

He pressed his wrist to Xander’s and they both watched as the blood mixed and a flash of light coincided with a warmth flowing through both protagonists. Then Spike held his wrist to Xander’s mouth and took Xander’s to his own. There was little drinking, more of a light touch, then a sucking and laving action as they took of each other. There was a flash and strange warmth permeated each body, finally both watched in amazement as the wounds healed almost instantly.

Xander had never felt so connected to another being, but in the same moment saw the reality that was Spike’s situation and pulled the vampire even closer before whispering, “So they’ve given us tonight.”

“That’s about the size of it Pet… but not just tonight, every night. But look on the bright side, they’ve given me the day too. I still have the sun, ‘n you… ‘n family… Countin’ the blessings at this point love. Gotta say though, do like feelin’ skin on skin for a change.”

As though to illustrate his point Spike rolled until he was on top of Xander, their nether regions pressed together and Xander instantly aroused and embarrassed by the same.

“’Fraid I’m still a little worn out fro the last few days… but you know… vampire constitution ‘n all, one of these nights soon, give you a proper seein’ to... if that’s OK with you ‘course… So long as you did mean what you said about lovin’ and the rest that is.”

Xander was still more than a little overwhelmed by the turn of events but relished the feel of the sleek male body that now all but covered his. He hugged Spike close and whispered into the very human ear, “Tell me this is real Spike… Please tell me this is real.”

He was rewarded with blue eyes staring down into his one brown, “Real as it’ll get Pet, but don’t have much time… When’s sunrise?”

“What do you mean? Is this it? One night is all you have?”

“No Xan… Weren’t you listenin’? Not so cruel as to do that… they’re givin’ yours truly the night like this. Rest of the time… the day… You have me as you found me… rescued me. ‘M a changeling now, not vamp nor dog full time, just got… well bit of each innit… You said you would love me when I was… You did mean it didn’t you?” Wounded and worried eyes now stared at Xander and the human realized in that moment, remembering belatedly just what he had almost lost, and now what had been gained.

“So you’re…?”

“Husky by day, ‘n vamp by night, ‘n dashingly handsome and intelligent whichever way you look at it… least ways that’s what I hope you see… You do see…?”

“Oh Spike! Thank whoever… Spike this is… I mean… Are you OK with...?”

“Not if you’re not Pet… Couldn’t do it without you… Can’t anymore… You reject me now then I guess... Pledge went two ways Xan… And you said…”

Xander was in a quandary. He had in one act almost killed his canine friend in order to bring back the vampire, but at the same time had locked them both into a perpetual cycle of dog in the day and vampire at night. “So I’ve damned you again haven’t I?!”

“Depends how you look at it Luv. This way I’ve got at least two bases covered, the day and the night… Better ‘n dust depending on your decision ‘o course.”

“What decision?”

“You lovin’ me regardless. You can reject the pledge ‘n I go quietly... but gotta say ‘m not really ready to give up now… not after…”

“No! Spike No!!! Don’t give up… We can work this and Ghod if you keep doing… *that* I’m gonna come I swear!” Xander’s distress gave way to desire as Spike shifted just so and ground their manhoods together deliberately with all the strength he had left.

“That’s settled then… Now you gonna bring me off or what?” All distress left the blue eyes as dark desire mixed with Spike’s weakness of days of near death and Xander rolled them over gently.

A warm human hand found its way to their joint erections as he lifted just slightly to caress the hardness underneath before letting his arousal take over the desperation they both felt, the two moving just enough and in concert until both tipped over the edge and their stomachs were sprayed with the mixture of their near instant spending. In the aftermath he tore off the bandage Gracie had so carefully applied on the wrist Spike had not bitten and pressed the still raw wound against Spike’s mouth, whispering “Drink from me Spike… please?”

Spike’s game face fell in as he leaned up to pierce the offered wrist carefully with extended canines. He took but a few sips but tasted the truth in the blood. Xander accepted the pledge, and they were, at that moment, despite not consummating the union yet, as one.

In the aftermath Xander cradled Spike’s head in the ‘v’ made by his arm and shoulder and caressed the beautiful male body with his free hand with a measure of awe and wonder before letting his mind drift to the practicalities of their roles now.

He checked the alarm clock beside the bed. The sun rose at around five thirty these days, it would only be a matter of hours before Spike changed back if what he said was true. And how could that be? When had it ever been suggested that Spike would live a dual existence, neither one thing or another? Had Poppie’s inadvertent and untimely breaching of the pentagram caused it? Might Willow hold the answers?

He tried to worry more but as Spike snuggled against his side and snoozed, found he could not really focus so gave in to sleep.

The following morning Xander woke with his arms around a fully grown sleeping husky. He was unsure if the previous night had been his exhausted imagination playing tricks but the sticky residue on his stomach quickly put pay to that. He felt somewhat disturbed by the remains of the lovely frottage, given that Spike was now back in dog form, but could not find it in himself to feel guilt as crystal blue eyes opened and he was nuzzled gently by his furred friend.

Xander ground out a rough “’Morning… I um…”

As though to silence any other thoughts Spike put a soft paw on Xander’s arm then made to roll to a sitting position then push himself up from under the covers. He still felt weak, but nowhere near as bad as the previous night.

“Hey Spike… you need to pee… ‘cause I sure do… food too all of the good. Here…”

Xander sat up with effort pushed himself off the bed and rounded it to lift Spike onto the floor with considerable effort.

Spike stood on all fours, wobbled a little then padded slowly toward the back door and waited patiently while Xander unlocked it and let him outside.

Xander too needed to relieve himself, but stood at the kitchen window staring into the backyard as Spike disappeared behind the tree at the back to do his ablutions then sniffed around the yard a little. It was as though the previous night was a dream, except that Xander still had the flaky remnants on his belly and a rather unidentifiable, fuzzy feeling of warmth and belonging in the back of his mind.

He was broken from his contemplations by the sound of Spike padding back into the house and the doorbell ringing. He quickly found a t-shirt and sweats, pulling them on as he made for the door.

It was Gracie and the dogs.

Xander’s unkempt hair and rather ragged tear streaked look was mistaken for bad news.

“Ghod, Xander! Are we too late? Did something happen?”

“No… well yes but not that… Spike’s up and about… He… he is on the mend… I mean really… mending and… Go through – I just need to… you know… Bathroom.” He ushered them all in then made for the bathroom as his bodily functions suddenly demanded attention.

Poppie, Bella and pregnant Chloe followed Spike’s scent to the kitchen to give him a warm welcome back and serious licking as much to reassure themselves as the recovering father of their line.

Spike’s sojourn into human form had not been so lengthy that he was unable to let his dog nature take over. He greeted family with joy, reciprocating licks and nuzzles and generally enjoying the fuss.

Xander returned to the kitchen to find a grinning Gracie standing at the door surveying the room full of excited dogs.

“He’s still weak, I can see that, but Xander this is just great! Didn’t I tell you he was past the worst. He’s so strong and ohhh just look! That’s so sweet.” Spike’s two daughters had both prostrated themselves in front of their parents to enjoy well deserved attention from their father who licked over ears in turn then nuzzled each girl as they joyfully rolled onto their backs acknowledging his position in the pack.

Gracie didn’t stay long and left Poppie home for the day rather than running her with the training group.

Xander watched as the two huskies settle on the back porch in the sun then went inside to ring Willow. He worried at the thought of Poppie discovering that her father changed at night, but decided that could wait. For now it was a thank you to the coven and witches around the world that was due.

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